Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hyderabad Dairy

Life study is one of the significant segments in   visual art practice. In a certain extent the life models is one of the  core components  in a work of art for few artists .The film entitled Modigliani is a  semi-biographical film of the Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani .Modi Glliani’s paintings deal with the portraits and profiles of different life modals .This film magnificently describe the relevance of life model in a work of art .Similarly, Pablo Picasso’s  a series of art  entitled La Celestina  was based on a female models in his time these series of art work  he has made based on Roja’s literary text entitled LaCelestina moreover it is considered as one of the significant literary text  in Spanish literature

                                                                Life study of Sony ,by Glower Paul

 The meaning of celestina is re berth and It is published between the end of middle ages and renaissance period where  Greco roman myths rebirth or incarnated in the form of painting sculpture and literature .rebirth  .In this literary work Celestina’s character plays an imperative role. The character of Celestina  is embodied in many artists canvas such as the wel lknown Spanish  romantic artist and print maker Francisco Goya, Colombian artist Fernando Bothero ,and Pablo Picasso    Egocentric nature is an infinite phenomenon  of the human psychic  moreover in this text  the Celestina’s character   portrayed as a  gluttonous natured women  moreover to satisfy her ego she has exploited  different sensual disadvantage of people around her .The sex is one of the sensual module of human being which she has exploit

                                                            Celestina, 1903 by Pablo Picasso                                  
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The cat is a signifier of a prostitute juxtaposition of cat form gives a sexual overtone to  Celestina   .Picasso has collected various editions of Celestina later  his reading and observations has  reflected  or incarnated as a creative exploration .This  series of  creative work entitled as La Celestina .Picasso has chosen   Carolota Vlavida as reference for the physicality or the finite form of Celestina  . Vlavida was not a woman pimp however  her damaged eyesight  gives a  ferocious  gaze   it  made Picasso  to choose her as a life  model for La Celestina  painting .  The   life studies which painted By Modi Gliiani , and Picasso shows the life model is a significant influential factor in a work of art . A couple of month back I could meet a women  past three decade she has been  working as a life model in various fine colleges in Hyderabad .Her name is Sony .
                                                              Life study of Sony ,by Glower Paul

She is a Lambada women who wear colorful and  glittering attire. Mr.Glower paul  is one of my friends and MFA class mate in Hyderabad central university  and, presently  he is teaching  in Pottisreeramulu Telungu University  .He  has portrayed her various postures of Soni  .While traveling in the twen cities of Hyderabad I have often scene various  Lambada women .obviously the the juxtaposed mirror  in the attire ,  eye cache color dress  made me to know more about them however I did not get any  occasion . However I have spoken with the sony moreover I have also  asked few questions . Since I am neither good to speaking in Hindi nor Telugu I put my friend Mr. Paul in the loop of communication . Since she  admired Paul the discussion went smooth and  fruitful. She is from  Mehebub Nagar district it is one of the Lambada settlement in Andrapradesh .The substantial allowance of  Lambadas  depends on various  jobs  We were anxious about the dress code and ornaments .which she has wore  immediately ,she has asked if we want them so she could procure  a couple of earrings  and the colorful dress . Initially those dress and the ornaments were available within the Lambadi settlement  these particular place where they have procure the dress and ornaments known as Anganvadi . and the thick white bangle which the Lambadi women weare  made with Camel bone or ivory in initial days . Now the scenario is changed she says the bangle which they have wore are made with Plastic .The dresses which only available in Lambadi circle are available in various shops in the twin cities of Hyderabad . We were again  curious about the strange attire which they are wearing still .She made a glance on  us and smiled.