Monday, February 28, 2011

Bicycle story

There was a bicycle repairing shop near to my home .The bicycle shop was functioned in the small veranda of a house and the shop managed by two brothers named Mr.Sunny and Mr. Unni .It seems their father had a retail business he is known by his profession his name was kunjappan and he is known as kachavadakaran more than the name both Mr.Sunny and Unni known as the sons of kachavadakaran .Both the brothers use to repair the cycle we use to go and collect the used tyers and the cycle tubs .We use to play with wheel and made catapult out of olden used old tubes .
they had a couple of bicycle available for rent in that shop .The cost of hiring a cycle was one rupee per hour .The rented cycle doesn’t have much facilities for instance it neither having carrier nor the mirror still the adolescents use to rent cycle. The little kids mostly rent it for learn cycling .There was small cycle also available for rent and the target customer of the small cycle was the little mischievous kids. They had only two small cycles available in that shop so that people got those cycles for rent with great difficulty. These two brothers and their peers generate a lot of gossips among the people in our locality. They are also good enough to approach others with a sarcastic glance and back humor. They are so articulate enough so that no one expect them can understand the hidden sarcastic slang. While approach them to get cycle for rent they took it as a occasion to apply the back humor .

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ammini is the pet name of my eldest daughter Teresa Juliet. She studied until tenth grade .Soon after the completion of her preliminary education she joined as a typist in a small organization named C.V. & company. Initial remuneration of my daughter in the company was thirty rupees only. However, within the eight month of short time span she got double increment and she used to get rupees hundred. In order to regulate or organize the financial need of my family I wish my daughter also to get a better job and we decided to look for the better opportunity. Among the other companies in India the Hindustan Machine Tools is one of the prominent organization and we decided to forward an application to HMT for the post of typist .Before appear to the formal interview We decided to approach our parish priest Rev. Father Peter Vadasai for a referential letter .Along with the latter of Rev. Father. Vadasai on 1964 September twenty fifth me and my daughter went to Hindustan Machine Tools .She had an official interview with Mr. Yesudas who was the general manager of Hindustan Machine Tools Limited .In order to get in the interview he advised her to clear Typewriting examination . Instantaneously she joined the type writing course and within a year of short time span she qualified typewriting examination.

Amini was eligible enough to the post of Typist in Hindustan Machine tools yet, we decided to request a recommendation or a referential letter from our parish priest .We have taken an appointment on twenty first march 1965 Unluckily he passed away a day before we met him .From the time Amini joined C.V & Company I was preparing to the investiture ceremony of newly build house .Due to the construction of my new house I had certain financial loyalty and that was the peculiar period I confront various pecuniary struggle. In order to depict the picture of Sacred Heart and install in the newly build home altar I applied one month long leave .While I was painting the sacred heart so, the people whom I had financial obligation been approached me. In order to deduct my financial reliability I reflected my ambiguity to the picture of incomplete sacred heart.