Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

 Srinidth‘s  drawing mostly deal with the parade of various super humans  such as Spider man, Bat Man , Super Man  and many more . Due to the deftness and  the  distinct  line flow which carried  in his drawing make me curious on his works. Past few weeks back fortunately I could interact   with him  . The interaction was quite productive and amusing . While elaborating or narrating the experience behind the characters he also  brought the collection of  various toys. The anthology of the toys carry  various tiny characters such as the prototype of Hulk ,Bat man ,  and many more . It seems  initially he used to play with these toys  .He mused that  while doing paint these forms inspire him . I was quite curious to pursue or reach his mystical planet. He narrated the story with a little shy and naughty smile. He added that those characters all were he dreamt .Moreover , The drawing and  painting are the way he recollect or generate the gorgeous delusion.  Most of the time he asked me that did I  understand the story behind the  visuals which he made? .The question sound the voice of innocence

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last Sunday was a beautiful day these photographs haven taken on last Sunday. By seeing these visuals You can guess how the day was. May be you can call it as a remains of a journey . These photographs I have taken while traveling from Hyderabad to Medak church . The specialty of this particular church is the decorated stain glass windows Moreover;it is one of the biggest churches in Asia .While coming back to Hyderabad We broken our journey and captured these pictures.  By using mobile phone we have taken These photographs. It is difficult  to take photographs because  when we started  take photograph people staring at the camera it is so sad is it ? .Then we told the people that please get involve the work instead staring at camera .it is so funny is it?