Friday, April 22, 2011

Mapping the Earth and People

Mr.Varuthu is one of the nephews of my father however since three years old my father was his mentor . He was become an efficient driver in his late teenage .He learned the skill of driving from Kottiyezath Kitten Menon.Soon after learning the skill of driving he appointed as a driver in a oil mill where they manufacture coconut oil .The oil mill was close to St. George Puttan Pally . While he was a employ there Mr.Varuthu got married with Ms.Rosa Immediate after marriage he appointed as a driver of Mr. Paul Louise who, was one of the richest man in Perumanoor. Mr.Louis has given little property to Mr.Varuthu where he built a house. Soon after the completion of building a house he moved to new house.

Car drivers were respected with courtesy because few richest people had both a car and drivers as well . Mr.Varuthu was a gentle man so that almost all the people in perumanoor respected him .Mr. Louis had an estate in peerakanni and Mr. Varuthu use to drive his car towards peerakanni regularly . One of the particular nature of the car was the strange whistle, till now I have never seen a shrilling car which Mr. Louise had. While driving the car so my mother could perceive sound from home which was in Puthumana parambu and she use to identify the sound .
Mr. Varuthu had various source of getting money but, the financial stability made his behavior change .He jell with posh people in and around perumanoor and frequently had get-together .His busy schedule made him to ignore my father .
One day my father has seen Mr.Varuthu’s car been parked in front of the judge’s house . And, my father requested me to go and ask three rupee from Mr. Varuthu for the requirement of my brother Mr. George’s school fees .He dress in blaze rand tie and sat inside the car and I felt a little proud to ask money from him unfortunately his answer made me disappointed . Mr. Louise passed away while he was in Peerakanni and , Mr.Varuthu could not gone well with Louis’s family members so that he discontinue the driver job Later he joined as a driver in Cochin Ship yard Unfortunately ,Within a short span of time he retired from the job and started face various financial struggle . He use to browed money from various people and somehow he managed the domestic needs and daily requirement .This is the time when the central government of India begun to encroach the property for form Cochin Ship Yard unfortunately his house also included in the requirement property .There was a legal dispute between the Central Government of India and the local people who had a house in the present shipyard locate .Majority of the local people put forward an argument such a way that unless the government of India give property to the people who had property in shipyard they would not live the place .
Following ten years the central government of India did not bombard the local people rather, the government of India formed a colony for the people who had house in Shipyard.This migrated place known as Giri Nagar.This township made while Mr. V. V. Giri, was the President of India . The standard rate which Government of India decided for the houses were in shipyard was only for thousand rupee The house where Mr.Varuthu had in the Cochin shipyard also rated same .The rate which India government decided on the property was partially low so that Majority of local people were protest against the decision rather they requested a in genuinely made a request to Mr. Varuthu such a way that to join along with the opinion of local people gathering and request government to give a new house . The duration of the conversation between myself and Mr. Varuthu on behalf of the encroach agreement was three days . However ,He had an idea to shift his living station from perumanoor to the place named Kakanadu .This decision was taken with the advise of his close friend Mr. Varghese he was locally known as Mallon Vakkachan . He camouflage this decision from me .Few days after I have sceen him neare to the gate of Gov. treasure where he came to receive money .Soon after the property settlement with Government He brought ten sent of property in Kakanadu and shifted his place for ever . His younger son was a watch repairer later he looked after his parents .Due to the financial requirement Mr.Varuthu forced to sell the property which he had in Kakanadu and he moved to the Elder son Mr.Joseph ,who had a house at a place named Pallarivattom .Few months back Joseph’s wife omitted blood and passed away.Mr.Joseph had three sons within a year of his wife’s sudden demise he got married with another women she is from Mulavu kadu. Mr. Varuthu could somehow managed the financial deeds and again he brought a little property in Kakanadu itself there he made a shed .Later there was a silly dispute inside the family of Mr. Varuthu due to this reason his wife went back to his elder son Mr. Joseph. There she was unwell at that time and ,on 1966 August she passed away. Her grave is in palarivattom parish .
The second son of Mr.Varuthu was a patient due to the reason he hired a house in palarivattom itself .Because of the unhealthy nature Thomas could not go to job regularly instead his wife Ms.Mary use to do domestic works in one of the richest man Mr. Chackola’s house and look after her husband Mr. Thomas and four children. Mr. Thomas Passed away before his mother but untle her death however, no one told the precious loss of her son Mr.Thomas.

Immediate after Mr.Varuthu become unwell inadequate food was one of the reason for his sickness .While he was bedridden I had a visit to him and requested him to come along with me to Perumanoor .He replayed me such a way that he is But,he told me such a way that he was mentally depressed while he get out from the bed he would come to perumanoor . On 1966 November 11’th Friday early morning Mr.Varuthu passed away his grave was neighbor to his close friend Mr. Varghese(Malloth Vakkachan)