Monday, August 22, 2011

Nick Names

Hitler was one of the blockbuster Malayalam movie released on 1996 .The script of this movie deals with the story of a responsible masculine brother and four pretty sisters The renowned Malayalam film actor mamooty enacted the role of the young handsom brother .More than a brother this young handsome is a defender for these pretty women. Due to his tenacious attitude people frightened to talk with Mr. Madavan kutty moreover, they also made associate madavan kutty’s character with ferocious german ruler Hitler

Mr. Sainudheen is one of potential Malayalam film actor .most of his performance deals comedy roles in film.His acting style or mannerism reminds the childlike behavior of a mature man . In this movie Mr. Sainudheen act like a ridicule body guard of Hitler madavankutty’s pretty sisters . Inorder to sign up the appointment with hittler madavan kutty both sainudhien and his mother adoor bhavani reached mamooti’s native place where they made query on Madavan kutty’s house to naughty Jadadeesh and his gang. Mr.Jagadeesh edavela babu and others were secretly flirt with the pretty sisters of Mamooty .And mamooty does not like those mess around gang .Neither petty Sainudheen aware of it nore he has seen Mr.Madavan kutty in person .Tricky Jagadesh and his peer group take this opportunity granted and taken them to the workstation of mamooty also they have advise Sainudheen to ask madavankutty that who was hittler madavan kutty there. Sainudheen repeatedly asked mamooty such a way that who was Hittler madavan kutty there .when he repeated the question third time mamooty slapped on Sainudheen’s face

My intreast is revolve around the narrative ,creative and the political aspect of these witty nick names .These Nick names mostly evolve from occupation, mannerism, family, ancestors, history religion ,cast, and so on . Similar to the conversation between Adoor Bhavani Sainudheen and mamooty here is a incident taken plce in kadavanthra too .This is a story about two strangers who wanted to meet Kangaroo Josa.

Kangaroo josa:Mr .Joseph is a construction contractor in kadavanthra .His nike name is kangaroo .One day a stranger came close to his house and enquired about the locality of kangaeroo josa’s house .A few naughty guys deliberately directed him to Mr.Joseph’s mother who stood in a ration shop . She was replied to the strange gentle man such a way that she had four kids unfortunately ,She had’t given birth to a kangaroo so far

Alakkukaran Josa: Mr.Joseph doesn't have bold head however his physical feature and the round framed on the face speck reminded me the kitsch statue of Mahatma Gandhi. His substantial allowance depends on the laundry business .Due to the nature of his business this gentle man known as Alakkukaran

Kalan josa :Mr Joseph was one of my neighbor and he is no more. he is a tall and lean moreover when we compare his leg with the other parts of his body the legs seems to be tallest in nature.Due to the elongated features of his legs people calls him Kalan Josa

Pallan Josa:Mr.Joseph is one of the efficient carpenter in Kdavanthra.His overgrown friend teeth bulge outside to the mouth .Due to his deficiency of face people called him Pallan Josa

Smarto joseph
:Smarto is the brand name of under garments and Mr. Joseph was the owner of this brand .Due to this ownership of this company Mr. Joseph known as Smarto Joseph. One of my cousin and Mr. Joseph’s youngest daughter were good friends moreover both these girls were pretty. The wicked boys who fool around and flirt the pretty girls use to call Mr.Joseph’s daughter smarto
Bra Josa : Mr.joseph is an owner of a small textile shop in kadvanthra . it was Initially a special undergarment outlet .Moreover, He is an efficient undergarment tailor. His stitching skill of undergarment become a nickname for him. He was known as Bra josa

panchara George (sugar George).Mr.George is a dealer of construction materials. Among the other construction materials he was monopoly of distributing a special white sand moreover this peculiar off white sand resembles to sugar Monopoly of this special white sand distribution become the identity of Mr. George and he was known as panchara George

Muttakarathi(egg seller):In the beginning,vegetables,crops,birds and animals were also a substantial allowance of the people in kadavanthra.One of my friend Mr.Siju’s grandmother use to sell the eggs to the neighboring houses Later the naughty neighbors called her muttakarathi(egg seller)
She is a daring character so that People afraid to call her by nike name . His grandmother use to wear the traditional Christian wear called Chatta and mundu .Chatta and Mundu was the traditional dress of Christian women of Kerala. Full blouse, Kavani and Mundu with special pleats at the back constitutes a typical Chatta and Mundu set.
Both my grandmother and muttakarathi were regular to the morning spiritual service More than a place of spiritual experience the morning prayer was a social gathering for them. They used to meet up near to the main gate of the church and share varies local news

Rajavu Paylee(The kingPaylee)Chivittunadakam is is a highly colorful Christian classical art form originated in Gothuruth village,Kerala. Chavittu Nadakam is believed to be originated after the arrival of Portuguese to the Kerala shores. The reason behind this assumption is that Chavittu Nadakam has a significant European Character in its costumes and outfits .A person in kadavanthra use to enact as king in chivittu nadakam chhivettu nadakam and the charectors remember through a couple of nick names

zero Joy I am talking about the time where there was neither mobile phone nor cable TV were popular in Kerala .A group of young gentle man gather under the shadow of water apple tree and spared mats on the ground. They played cards and had a get together in every Sundays .Considering Sunday is a day for relaxation gamble exceeded till the time of dinner .They use to play different games .Among these card players Mr. Joy was efficient in playing zero later his efficiency become a nike name for him

Dr.Kumaran:Mr.Kumaran was an old man and he was an attendant in ernakulam Gv.General Hospetial. Because he was working in hospetial the naughty neighbors has awarded him a doctorate

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A story of mind, medicine and magic

A few artists deliberately implement the possibilities of two opposing function or the different extremes in a work of art and this strange communion may create a contradiction to our presupposition. However, it also make a awful insight or a new ways of perception to the viewer . The renowned French artist Rene Magritte ‘s paintings deals with the conglomeration of presupposed icon amalgam .His painting entitled Haggle’s holiday is one of the typical examples for this mode of representation .There is an article entitled ,’sovereign stain ‘ is based on this work .This article is based on a beautiful letter conversation of Magritte to the renewed cultural theorist Susi Gamblic .Objective of these letters explain the geneses and the engender of the work of art entitled Hegel's Holiday.

This works of art is a conglomeration or the juxtaposition of two opposing functions .Two objects which he incorporated in this work of art is a glass and an umbrella .This letter says one hundred and fifty sketches Magritte made prelude tothe final piece of art. In this conversation Magritte says a glass that admit water unlike an umbrella repel water .In the month of June the Bashaposhni magazine portray the biography and curative experience of Dr.Achapalla Joseph. While reading about this Gynecologist and her memorable curative experience. I could correlate her biography with the usage of opposite force in a work of art in general particularly Rene Magritte’s painting entitled The Hegell’s Holiday and his scripture discussion with Suzi Gablik

being a Gynecologist her responsibility to take care the new breath .her way of life can very well compare with Gardner who take care the flourishing vegetation and dazzling blossoms .She is also a person who receive the new born baby However this eighty seven year old doctor remain as a spinster.