Saturday, August 29, 2009

Veneration of mother Mary
digital painting, 2009

Working on Pixel Art can very well be compared with a little kid's magic castle, which he creates with the use of funny, colorful ready made dismantling building blocks. Or, the confrontation of an infant towards a colorful puzzle block. The pixel art or painting suggest the parameter of the artistic limitation . In order to create a pixel art an artist need to channelize or dismantle their thought within the boundary or the parameter of the scattered pixels. This painting is made with the usage of two software, such as Ms Excel and Photo shop CS3. The excel sheet is a software which deal with Mathematical formulas and calculations .Rather than a painting this visual suggest the calculated application or implementation of color. Here the limitation of the visual can be mixed and matched with the icon of Virgin Mary . On the other words ,this mode of representation is a metaphor which narrate the taboo or the banal space which is being existed in the terrain of so called Christianity.

Identification mark It is a numerous term. On the other words the finite mark elaborate infinite identity. Throughout this work I juxtapose the conceptual and optical understanding of god. In fact, until now we emulate the ancient Hebrew authors who wrote" the Lord is my rock" (Ps. 18:2), "the Lord is my shepherd" (Ps. 23:1), and "the Lord is my light" (Ps. 27:1). The reader understands that the Lord is a rock in one sense and a shepherd in another sense, yet it is clear that the Lord is not only a rock, a shepherd, or a light. God may be other things as well. Here the mark is a new finite metaphor towards infinite god.

Jack fruit
This visual is an anthology of written and visual images. Carnival of these tiny and pretty things may lead the viewer to the children’s funny puzzle or the dexterity of a juggler because, here the work of art is dealt with the puzzle of scattered and juxtaposed ample ocular imageries. It may be a bunch of rose flower, the king and queen, a puppet family, and a spongy doll. This drama or mockery is created by some kind of stuffing sewing and stitching. However, these practices of art have been gendered or identified as feminine or so called craft. These are one of my friends, Mrs. Geetha Anil’s dexterity display .Moreover, she has been designated as a craft teacher and working with a school in India. Over a period of time she was my colleague in the same school. The designation and the remuneration of a craft teacher are somewhat marginal than the other subjects in India. Along with these craft work I have displayed the reproduced version of my grandfather’s personal dairy. My grandfather has written it between 1940 and 1980. Here, the synthesis of verbal and visual text is narrated in the form of puzzle .And, it emerges the constraint terrain of the women in elsewhere. Written texts which is attached along with these works are the documentation about my grandmother and the other female characters revolve around him , such as the working class women who had involved in some kind of events which took place in our house. The works include construction works, midwifery, cooking and other house hold requirements. Instead of the specific name here the female characters address by gender or cast in this dairy .Moreover , compare to the substantial allowance to the male worker the female worker’s daily wages or the substantial allowance documented is partially lower in this dairy . The form of a puzzle suggests the parameter. And, here, the margin of women is limited within the form of a vegetable.

Friday, August 28, 2009

It was an amazing and fantastic experience to be in the visually rich places like Belur temple, Sriranga pattonam, Halibid and the many others. Among the other seeing the sculpture of Nandi which situated in the Halibid temple has given me an amazing visual experience .In fact the visual language which implemented or articulated in the sculptural form of the Nandi suggest the notion of organicity. The massive and gigantic form of Nandi suggest as if the empty or void space (Piranha, vayu) remain inside the body. Moreover the notion of existence or endurance suggest by using the deftness of ornamental organic designs. In fact the element of design articulated such a way on this sculptural form suggest as if these flora and fauna grew up from the body of Nandi .In other words, bloomed ornamental flora and fauna suggest rather the limbs of this celestial or mystic being. Here the dexterity or the flow of design make a visual rhythm to the spectator .This Sculpture of Nandi exclusely deal with patterns and decorations .But, gigantic notion , ferocious facial expression , the tactile quality and the organicity remains yet this celestial or mythical being realistic to the spectator . In other words the sculpture form of Nandi is a quintessential blend or the fusion of fact and fiction

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey my friend Ms.Judith Mcwillie send the photograph of an yellow bird certainly this image it is lovely is it?

I know you have these in India. THey are very rare here but I saw one this afternoon. Thought of you,


hey it is so good and i like yellow bird

The bird book said you have them in India. Is true? I have never ever seen one until yesterday.

It is rare one.The color of the beak is so lovely. And i will put it in my blog