Thursday, November 12, 2009

If Mr. Roy takes bath definitely Peelu will laugh

If Mr. Roy takes bath definitely Peelu will laugh. This is a well articulated mischievous phrase appeared in an April fool day on the front door of Mr. Roy’s flour mill. Well, Mr. Roy and Mr.Peelu are two of my neighbors, and very interesting and at the same time peculiar personalities, making their life out of business. Mr. Roy is an owner of a Flour mill .
Kadavanthra was the hub for agriculture, variety of crops like bottle guard, snake guard, spinaches, paddy coconut and many more cultivated. Moreover, the substantial allowance of the people depends on those various crops ,domestic animals and aqua species. Roy’s mill, St.Joseph Church, Kadavanthra School, St.Sabestian Church Kallu pallam karayogam are the prime land mark of old kadavanthra. Mr. Roy’s mill has various food processors. He refine various raw food material for instances , he process oil out of coconut, wheat and rice flour.

My father’s name is Vakachan .However, there are two more people having the same name, thus people identified them either on the bases of their work or surname my father known as padathu vakachan .As I mentioned the kadavanthra was one of the hub of agriculture it seems our home was neighbor to paddy fields gradually the paddy field (paadam) has given an identity to my father .And my self and my brother known as padathu vakachantea makkal (sons ) .Though these fertility land is occupied by dwellings today, the name remains the same(PADDAM)

The idea of this mill may be begun from this rural agriculture context. Why did I say the idea of mill begun from the agriculture context because among the other mills in kadavanthra Roy is the only person having a rice refiner yet .Still, people bring husky rice from their villages and approach him Roy to refine it

This building is quite old and interestingly, the mill has one of the photographs of my parent’s marriage, which happened thirty three years back. Well, whenever me and my brother see that sepia colored obscured photograph we amusingly watch this old building. Roy’s mill having a huge oil refiner and this refiner would exclusively works in summer season and, this particular machine would be engaging from the month of January to end of April .During these months’ people dry the coconut and make oil out of it. The taste and smell of both the dry coconut and oil is delectable. We used to collect the desecration of the coconut oil and eat it the taste of this dry coconut waste is hot and delicious.

In fact, my grand mother also used to make oil out of a small amount of raw coconut. Initially, she crush, scratch the coconut and extract its substance once she takeout it again she squeeze the white springy substance and pull out its luscious white essence .This peculiar fluid resemble to milk thus this essence known as coconut milk the coconut milk is so sweet and capricious. Among other dishes Ediyaappam is one of the mouth-watering dishes in Kerala .Ediyappam is made out of rice flour and resembles noodles, except that it has a definite shape. Rice threads in the Ediappam are thin and more delicate than noodles. .Among many, Coconut milk and Eddiappam is the incredible blend of taste.
Let’s see how did my grand mother prepare coconut oil? She makes boil the milky coconut essence quite some time and it transformed into to yellow colored coconut oil. The perfume of this oil is just wonderful Even, Mr. Roy’s mill also having the same smell.

Mr. Roy was one of the most demandable person in Kadavanthra because; He is a monopoly in this peculiar business. Always busy in the auspicious days like Christmas and Easter because Pallappam is one of the tasty dish of Easter and Christmas feast, which requires rice flour. So, on twenty fourth December, and Monty Thursday we can see a large queue of Christian women with rice basket at Roy’s mill, apparently it is almost like a get together within the short time span the chitchat and gossip taken place there .The contestation maybe on the grant Christmas feast, Christmas carol song and many more .
Mr. Roy always appears in a casual wear. Every thing in this mill including Mr. Roy plastered or veiled with a thin layer of Flour. For instance, the window and the doors of this mill having light gloomy sky gray color but, due to the layer of flour the gray color turn even more ominous. There is a small table and stool in his mill. He collects and keeps money from the customers and save it in the tiny locker of the table. Surface of this table and also plaster by the particles and remains of dust and oil. Roy is a short and bald headed person having overgrown formless hair .Initially he had a Royal Enfield bullet bike .The peculiarity of this bike is the bright royal blue shade and the extra fitted huge sun glass .It seems the renowned Malayalam film actor Mohan Lal ride this bullet bike in one of the famous Malayalam movie Poomukapadiyelninnayum kathu. Eventually, Roy’s bike is the talk of the place and ive thriving hard till date to understand the similarity .The sad part is that, this bike met with a random accident and broken the fancy attached glass veil .Both the bike and Mohanlal are hero archetype so that this particular incident or the information narrated in the form of a story. Of course this incident was one of the core discussions of school going children to St. Joseph UP School Kadavanthra. .Though the mill and Mr. Roy looks shabby his blue elegant bullet appeared neat. He is a one of the land lords lived with all the facilities Apart from the royal Enfield bullet bike VCR and pets were the other attraction of Mr. Roy’s achievements .He had flowering plants and a beautiful aquarium at his home and, this aquarium carry a verity of fishes like Gold fish, white Angel, black Angel, white molly, black molly and many more .The way he cleaned aquarium is amusing because, he suspiciously use a small refiner and take out the fishes from it .And, keep all these tiny mischievous fishes in a small vassal and restructure the setup of this elegant and mysterious bluish aqua world

Weekends Roy uses to screen Malayalam movies at home. Little kids rush to his home theater however,the latecomers stood outside and watch film through a window He had a black Pomeranian dog . I did watch few movies in his home the movies were Meen, Mahayanam and many more.

Mr. Peelu’s shop is a little away from my home so that very rarely we used to go there. A huge mango tree is visible in the backdrop of this shop so, more than his shop my glance revolved around on the ripen yellow mangos in this tree. Presently Peelu’s son is managing his shop and he is an interactive and Joel in nature whereas .both the Roy and peelu are the extreme form of two different expression and the inspiration of the slogan If Mr. Roy takes bath definitely Peelu will laugh engender from this context

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Amma manam

Amma Manam (Mother perfume) is an article written by the renowned Malayalam Poet Dr.D.Vinayachandran .And, it published in the Malayalam magazine Vanitha in the month of September. This particular work is a musical or lyrical musings of Mother and son time Rather than his mother the writer profess the mystical endurance of mother’s love or devotion to the creative and innovative minds .Moreover, he also establish two innovative mother archetype in this writing For instance throughout this work Dr Vinayachandran compare two floras with his mother’s love and affection .And, the two plants are Tulasi (Sacred Basil) and vanaya tree .Scent of vanaya and tulasi is astonishing. It seems his mother used to make a vayana ada .let us have a brief overview on this hidden ingenious culinary skill. Among the other Adda is one of the delicious dishes of Malayalee.
The vayana Adda is so sweet dish. And, the perfumed substance of vianaya makes the ada too tasty to remember. To make this peculiar dish initially we have to fold the Vianaya leaf like cone shape and fill the sweet rice pulp .After fill the delicious sticky rice pulp we have to boil it. After boiling the rice transformed according to the corn shape of leaf .Once it cooked we can peal and have the delicious dish .The process of the preparation almost resemble to the Tibetan dish Momo .Among the verity of dishes it is one of the delicious dishes of southern Malayalee cuisine in general particularly the vayana Adda is famous in the places like kottayam, Ponkunnam and many more. He muses such a way that the up growing and blooming vayana trees like his mother

Kerala is a place which blessed with luxuriant and green vegetation among the various flora and fauna Vinayachandran’s mother like Tulasi. Vinayachandran seeing vayana and Tulasi from a poet’ and his mother’s affection towards these foliage .Later the abstract and immeasurable phenomenon like love , affection caring, incarnate through the simple blooming vegetation like Tulasi and Vayana. When we read the work of VinayaChandran we read it as a article but it evoke or perfume an audible or lyrical sense reader’s psyche .He also acknowledge and appreciate his mothers contribution on his poetic meditation .Here he acknowledge the mother like a heavenly being for instance, initially, she use to collect various works of different writers and copy it in a book later as a writer it was one of the inspiration which he incorporated from his mother He amazingly narrate or elaborate this peculiar creativity to the reader .