Sunday, April 11, 2010

Muttu is a fish seller having a rusted old fashioned dark green Hercules bicycle. Everyone includes the little mischievous cats and brainy crows are familiar with the busy and hectic schedule of Muttu. The loud pee!pee!horn of Muthu’s rusty green Bicycle is memorable to those little pets. He carries a big basket on his old cycle. While selling the fishes Muttu up-to-date or organize his fish basket he uses to threw little fishes and feed his little mischievous pets.Apart from Muttu ,Ms.Sreemathi also a fish seller depends her daily bread on fish selling .Her basket carries a mixture of sea fishes and the fishes catches from backwater. My interest always revolve around the rich color and texture of the back water fishes .Initially we used to see a variety of fishes like Karimeen (Pearl spot fish), koori (Mystus) Kaari (Catfish) Kanambu (Mullet) Pallathi (Orange chromide) Tilapia and Varal (Banded Snakehead). Among the other backwater fishes this work of art, deal with a phoshoped pearl spot fish Varal (Banded Snakehead)and a little pretty Orange chromide
Photoshop is an image editing software in one word .On the other hand, the Photoshop is a software through which we can generate various gimmicks illusions and visual effect and manipulate an image .In contrast, to the conventional usage of Photoshop here it functioned as an image creator. Though it is a two dimensional design software utility of various tools of photoshop suggest a carpenter or a mason who is accurately deals with various tools like chisel , plainer, and make a three-dimensional models with various complicated mathematical formulas .