Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Blinking eyes and naughty glance

Doolapally is a small remote village in andrapradesh .This village is almost thirty Km.away from Andhrapradesh capital city ,Hyderabad.Else where in this village we can see soft and sap green race fields,ploughed land , palm trees and little houses. In fact, most of the shops decorated with the advertisements of the multi national company .It may either The renowned telug film actor Mahesh Babu with a thumps up or coca cola bottle . Though the modernity effected doolapally the old fashioned dwellings are not yet washed away from the landscape .Still we can see the remains of stained and burnt umber olden residence .These are the remains of existed life styles .In fact, the pealed walls and old fashioned dilapidated shelter are the reminiscent of the rustic memory or a rural annotation .
D.R.S International school is in Doolapally .Few days back the IB diploma students in DRS had a visit to one of the neighboring schools in Doolapally this visit was the part of the Creative action service program . Among the other the CAS is one of the charismatic phases of the IB Diploma program Well, The objective of the visit was to educate about the awareness of Swine flue .it was a good experience being among one member in that team .After noon we reached to school. We realized that the school hardily having few number of class rooms .Moreover, none of the classrooms neither having electricity nor basic furniture . Due to the inappropriate ventilation the class rooms seems to be dull .And we could only see the white teeth and glowing eyes of little kids .We have seen the students who sat down on the earth and learning lessons enthusiastically .It was amusing to here the way they repeat their lesions melodiously. Once we reached school the students came and assemble in the dais .The gathering of the little kids in the stage can very well compared with either the march-past of soldiers or a moving train .The kiddy train reached and the infant soldiers gather in the stage like a half moon or a half circle .The little spectators were eagerly and wholeheartedly watch the skit performance. In fact, immediate after the program the students who performed in the stage asked few questions to the little listeners and the tiny audience reflected appreciably. It was a good experience of the way they improvised .The teachers who stood along with the kids were supported .while sharing the reflection on the skit they revealed the obscurity .teachers facilitate the students to recollect memories or joined the dismantle senescence .
Well, this activity very well compare with a child who learn cycling because he can have an effective drive after a one dozen fall .Due to their teachers support the little shy vanished or fade away and they reveal the flame of confidence .They share various reflections along with the glowing and energetic facial expressions
Initially both group of students were alienate to each other and hesitate to share. Students stood and interacted with the kids who is studying in that village school.Few minutes after the gap or the distance between the both group gradually decreased .Because, both group of students sat on the floor and interacted .they sang songs they performed dance .In fact the encouragement and the support of the teachers enriched the raw and infant artistic endeavors . Rather than a visit the rustic, raw, and innocent ambience of the school remain me a Mukmal Buff’s flim. It was amuse to see the cliché form of teachers who carry cane along with them. In fact, Buff is one of the renowned film directors in Iran .His visual language revolve around the ornamental and colossal narration of a glance or a small instance .The mode of narration which he creates in the film is the metaphors of innocence