Friday, November 26, 2010

Black dog

There was a pretty black dog in my home.It was a merciful pet.When my brother was a baby he comfortably sit on the merciful pet.The petty dog use to carry my brother and walk in and out of our house.While my mother was narrating about this dog I wish I would also have one pet like that .


Shoba chichi’s face is almost fade away from my memory .She was a illegitimate wife of one of our neighbors .His name was Mr.Babu .He was a auto driver always wear a khaki. He was solemn in nature .Though he is vigorous he crack jocks at me and my brother.
I used to go Shobachechi’s house .While I was going there my mother use to gave me a set of instructions . Neither my mother nor grand mother did not like the solemn appearance of Mr.Babu so that they discouraged me to go there .One day I inquired the reason behind the set of instructions then she told me such a way that Mr. Babu drunk a lot and abuse the Pretty women he also smash on her soft cheek .She use to come to our house and share various bitter experience to my mother.
Mr.Babu had a son his name is Vinu Initially I thought Shoba chichi was the mother of Vinu .I asked this question to my mother she told such a way that his mother passed away .Again asked her that then who was Ms.Shoba? She did not like to disclose it with me .

Though she is a illegal to that home she courteously managed their little house she use to sweep the little veranda and organize with various floras ,calendar and pictures.

There was beautiful fence or shelter around the house and it was a fusion of vibrant floras and foliage .Plenty of tweeting little birds use to come and suck the sweaty substance with the little needle like sharp beak .Red colour Hebscious and Chetty flower.

Those tiny little birds use to make beautiful nest with the combination of various things alike cotton, fiber,dray grass and dry leafs .They use to make palaces in the unnoticed area of the vibrant greenery. Both me and Shobachi use to pluck the chethi flower(Lxora.) and suck the sweet substance.We use to pluck a kind of little red fruit from chethi flower(Lxora.)It was sweet and delicious to eat

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Namboodri Doctor

Past one year back Dr.Namboodri passed away. It seems One day my mother had seen his photographs in a daily news paper. Nambodri Doctor’s house is next to his clinic. He have an old Padmini car .One of the greatest task is to identify the color of that car .The shade of the car neither white nor pure green In other word the color of the car is a dully light green .Brighter shoe flower and clustered floras are the obstacles to perceive the calm and dull sleep of this blessed vehicle .In fact neither the car nor his house are bright .The color scheme of his house is a fusion of dully brown and ocher yellow. Rather than travel, the car is one of the formulas with which he showcases his designations and status. People prefer his consultation for ordinary fever. He is having a supporter who manage the dispensary of his clinic.

Namboodri is tall and slim person having a black thick framed glass on his face and bushy eyelash .The eyelash however seems to be the extensions of spectacles .His Malayalam pronunciation is different .It suggests the stylish aristocratic voice tone of Malayalam movie heroines.
Sophisticated voice modulation and clean shaved face enrich feminine feature on him in general particularly, the shape of his lip and jaw can very well be compared with the feminine character (Miniku Vesham) in Kadakali.
One of the specialties of Namboodri’s clinic is the dark pink colored cough syrup. Both the aroma and color are to hard too drink . However, he prescribe this peculiar pink color cough syrup for all patients .This special syrup carry in a tiny white plastic container. Initially the bottle was a plane but in the later phase he included the clinic name Rohini .Apart from this syrup he also prescribe few different colored tablet . Meticulously he break and keep it in various white plastic container. In fact ,braking tablets exactly into half and quarter is a difficult task .Moreover, to convince the measured quantity of medicine he patiently draw the shape of each tablet .

Thursday, November 18, 2010



Anju kannn and Pillera piduthakaran are two parable characters play a major role in the story telling session of our beloved mother goddess. In order to manage the mischievous attitude of their flowerlike innocent kids they also use various tricks. Well, the fable characters such as Anju kannan, Pellerepiduthakaran and so on are various remote controls or the tricky playing cards with which they make the child, eat, sleep and listen. these spiky ideas of the mother goddess can very well compare with a juggler who appear perform various magnificent eye tricking illusions before the corner of a beautiful village.

The form of Anchukannan and PilleraPiduthakaran are prominent in nature Mother goddess who narrates the story on Anchukannan and PilleraPiduthakaran such a way that the character predominate the infant mind .The pure mind become whimsical,and the mind float, fly and reach to the wonder land of pretty Alice or they jell with the buddies of pretty Snow white .The flowerlike little minds render various surreal figurations and gradually dissolve to sleep

My mother use to share the way she manage both me and my brother. Unforeseen reason my brother used to scream and make eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise .He was well known in his screaming moreover he is known as E kuttan.Inorder to stop the screaming ,my mother use to show a lighten lamb been there in one of our neighbor’s house . She convince him such a way that the torch was the eye of Anjukannan .For a fraction of second he zip up the mouth .
While I was crying my little brother use to come and advice me such a way that do not cry because the Anchu kannan would come . Immediate after his innocent advice he use to start cry Well my intention is how these fable characters or the casual incidents present or convert in the language of movie .
Among the other here I have been chosen to read one of the Malayalam film Lorry which directed By Late Mr.Barathan. This film is all about the life of a street circus group .The movie started with a little boy who was carrying bunch of vivid colored balloons and running on a rustic landscape .Suddenly Mr.Achankunju entering into the scene .He always portrayed as villain character in Malayalam movie. In this movie, AchanKunju playing acting the role of pillerapiduthakaran

His rough physical appearance and distrustful glance create a sense of fear in the viewer. Achankunju Enter the scene with dough full glance he observes the atmosphere with fear and approach the kid with a hand full of sweets. This tricky man deliberately mixed those candies with a kind of poison .Moreover, he pretended in front of the child such a way that he is one of the friends of his father .While talking Achankunju offer sweets to the little boy. Immediately those toxic sweets made the little boy faint .AchanKunju again observe the atmosphere with great fear and carried the little boy kidnapping the kid in an old fashioned yellow lorry later this little kid trained as a street performer. The contribution of the renowned Malayalam film director late Mr.Barathan is the conceptualization of casual and domestic visuals converted into the language of film Rather than a film maker Late Mr.Barathan can consider in the category of a naive story teller

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good Shepherd

Accompanying the flock of sheep throughout the day and night is one of the complex phases of a Shepherd’s life. To control the flock he suspiciously produces various strange noises and whistles. However, he usually manages the flock with a long thin wooden stick and a Masculine dog .In fact; they are the two foremost primordial tools or the medium of a shepherd. Neither the dog nor stick ever injure the little gentle sheep but it may injure the cruel wolves .Rather than a wound, this stick can match up with a conjurer’s magical and enchantment stick .Because, this stick has a major role to organize the path of a flock Moreover, as per the movement of the stick, the flock also move .Gathering these little sheep uniformly may make various primitive forms for instance a train, a full moon .a cross and many more. To direct the flock deftly a masculine dogs always travels along with the shepherd .His responsible dog may save the flock from various complex circumstances it may be an unpredictable attack of clumsy and ferocious wolfs .

Along with his credible dog and the delightful stick the shepherd travels to various places in every season. The homogeneous gesture or the mannerism, the soothing call for mother and the burnt amber complexioned fur of flock enclose a lyrical exposure to a shepherd and his flock. The sheep moving with shepherd under the evening dark violet blue skies enrich the gracefulness to shepherd. In the winter season shepherd carry a huge long blanket with him .And, this blanket is a shelter which protect him from the mist and freeze climate .The shepherd fold this blanket such a way that either it resemble to the veil of Mother Mary archetype or the form of a refiner which use to segregate the rice and husk .

Monday, November 8, 2010

Green fungused Well

There was a big green fungused well in my grand mother’s home this well make a visual sensations because around the well we can see the fall of vaius ripen fruits like rose colored water apple, half eaten deep yellow mango , yellow and red Casue fruit .However ,these fruts fall in between the yellow and brown colored dry leafs . Fall of these fruits and leafs perhaps create the form of a circle and it can very well compared with a hallo or a gigantic Reith. I liked to drink the cold and wash face with the cold and the tear clear tasty water from the deep and gigantic well . While we reach at my grand mother’s home we use to go and play near to well. That gigantic well infracted by lots of sap green fungus, snow-white tiny mushrooms and little acqua plants therefore the void and the ambience of the well perfume soggy and different. Perhaps ,his unusual smell having resemblance with the perfume which we feel in the first rain . We use to look inside the well with curiosity and used to make various sounds and the random sound re echo and we enjoyed reechoing the humming sound waves.
My mother use to accompany while we going near to well. They were scared of well because, my father’s elder brother had a fall in the well and passed away both my father and grandmother use to remember this unexpected circumstance with grief .It seems this accident happen in a summer vacation in order to celebrate the feast of St.George my grand mother came to edapally . And My father’s elder brother was working with a construction company and this accident taken place in the work site. While going to church so they have sceen an passing ambulance with red revolving lamb . After some time they received the inconsolable message.

My grandmother‘s house

My grandmother‘s house is in Edapally. Initially it was a village. Instead a concrete compound wall people marked their territory with local made fence They made barrier out of brown yellow dry leaf and bamboo stick And used to plant various vegetation near to those fence .Once these flora and fauna grew it climb on those fence and the fence turned more stronger .The flora and faunas include an yellow Pumpkin, Bottle guard, green cucumber, Tender Yard Long Beans and many more.
I have perceived two different phase of change in Edapally .The first phase was a transformation from a village to a Semi urban landscape and Second phase was the semi-urban landscape to the part of so called Cochin city.
The landscape of Edapally is dry and it was a new experience for me .Initially plenty of trees like jack fruit trees, Mango trees, Guava trees, Tamarind trees were there .Due to this lash vegetation there was a plenty of species like, squeal, mongoose and variety of birds .Both mongoose and squeal having brown colored cute thick wooly texture .The speedy moving mangoes are humorous and speculative in nature. The snake is the inborn enemy of mongoose so that I aspired to see the neck to neck or the star war between two extremes .I dreamt but, until now I could not have it
One day I happen to dreamt a snake and narrated it to my grand mother .Immediately My grandmother prayed to ST.George she was a hardcore believer of St. George .She also used to narrate various pebbles on St.George And these narrations were enhancing. Edapally church is one of the well known shrines of St.George in kerala. The feast of St.George celebrate in the month of May and we used to go there .While going Edapally church we also visit my grandmother’s home .She had a very old fashioned house and surroundings of the house crowded with various trees like teak wood, Jack fruit tree, Mango tree, Gove tree, Cause nut tree and many more. I like to go Edapally because I could see various pretty birds and squeals.
I did not like my grand mother but love her brother when we compare these two extreme characters we cannot believe that she is his brother because, Her brother is so humble and having a pleasing personality. My grandmother is elder than him .She could have call his name instead addressing him by name she always call him Eada Varkey And, her voice evoked the sense of domination. He used to wear a white Polyester kurtha and dhoti and, this peculiar dressed was distinguishable. He use to smoke cigarette and use to carry candies and chocolates in his big pocket of the Kurtha .And his pocket can very well compared with the huge basket of Santa .He used to tell lot of amazing stories, proverbs and tricky game, Other than that, he used to ask tricky questions .Still remember a tricky game which he initially told us
cycle ralle polle alla lori ralli
He was contractor use to undertake various building construction .Unfortunately , His wife happen to saw him hanging on a tightrope and painting a gigantic wall it was an unexpected scene made her ambiguous this over-excitement made her mentally imbalanced .He smile and tell amusing stories it may bypass his stress . When I was nine year old he was become a brain tumor patient and undergone various treatment I am not remembering the hospital where he was admitted but later he shifted to Kottayam Medical collage there he conclude the humble life