Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A hair cutting saloon known as barbor shop or mudivettukada .Interior of a mudivettukada decorate with various colorful pictures these pictures may be a landscape or a grand architectural enclave and many more .These glossy pictures known as sceneries. Rather dressing hair alone my interest revolves around the colorful carnival or ocular juxtaposition of a barbershop. Consecutive usage of luxurious perfume, talcum power and facial cream make always the saloon’s void rich and elegant .In fact, startling and tempting soft perfumed ambience of a MudivettuKada is remarkable! Mudivettukadakaran use the colorful scattered hair dressing beauty tools dexterously.

The picturesque beauty table in the haircutting saloon remain the notion of carnival or little antique installed in a glass case .This pretty table made out of wood and plastered the surface with a vibrant flowering tablecloth .However, the final layer of this table envelop with a piece of plain glass .The place which beneath this transparent glass vale may look like an old album or a collector who maintain his precious collection of coin . The document which lay underneath the table may be a prayer for St Antony, young Cheguvera with charming smile , monthly electrically and water bill and many more , Apart from these collections .This table also carry little more different pretty objects it may be a grand decorative perfume bottle, sharp scissors, colorful creams , variety of combs , various hard and soft brushes .
In fact, he get the hair cut done with creativeness .Improvisation of hair cut include the stylish mode of trimming and shaving . Soon after shaving done he apply an antiseptic provision on the shaved collar and facial region .This peculiar antiseptic medium resemble to either an unstructured ice peace marble stone or a big salt crystal .This strange stoner known as Karakallu. Immediate After the karakallu wipe mudivettukaran softly wipes the tender shaved facial region with a neat and small towel having different design . Karakallu is a burning experience! So that small kids especially look at this strange white stone with white pearl tears!
most excellent moment of hair dressing is its climax because, he spray or shower a little water on the serrated or ploughed hair And, decorate or dress the hair with artistic fashion .The way he spray the water can very well compared with the cricket players and specters enjoy the climax of a match with shampine bottles and cocktails
.Soon after spell of rain Mudivettukadakaran uses different kind of talcum powder aroma of those talcum powders is delightful !In fact, those talcum power tins I have neither seen shop nor in any home .He use a little talcum power to takeout the remains of hair particles from the soggy skin surfaces ..He blot talcum powder on the facial region With a delicate spongy duster and meticulously wipe the face
Apart from this beauty table and a huge mirror Mudivettukadakaran also showcase the juxtaposition of various glossy cut- outs, silhouettes and calendar .The visuals which carry these calendars and sellouts are rare and rich .These colorful visuals looks as if it exclusively made for hairdressing saloons .Parade of these rich and rare visuals carry his favorite film stars, gods, goddess and historical portraits.
The mirror and revolving armed chair are placed in front of the beauty table such a way that a mudivettukaran can perceive entire dimension of the person who stand in frond of that table. Though a mudivettukadakaran dedicate in his work he made arrange the things such a way that he can interact or deal with each and every consumer. In fact, This gigantic mirror function as a communicative bridge or a networking device between mudivettukaran and his customers .The discussion which usually happen in the saloon deal with various topic .It may be a newly relised film ,or a secret love affair of a pretty girl or the criticism on local politics and many more .Rather than a discussion this conversation remains a storyteller who narrate or improvise the innovative ideas with the facial expression . Hairdressing job is laborious but dramatic oral presentation of facts, decorative and optical sensation swab the laboriousness
Most of these shops are made out of semi permanent building material like fire wood and asbestoses .Though these building are semi-permanent the construction or the design includes a minimum facilities like furniture, washbasin and various showcases The design of these shop suggest as if this shop made by using match boxes .

These shop are having double doors . Main door is stronger than the small one moreover, main door having facility to lock the shop. Always the polished door is an ornament for this shop .This tiny and pretty door made with glass and wood .Glass which attach with the door having various decorative patterns it may be a bunch of graphs or a bouquet of flower or a picture of sacred heart and many more. Interior of the shop having various decoration for instance the glass windows , vibrant color cuartins, fancy hangings and a glass cases .
Three haircutting saloons are near by my home The owners of the shops are Mr. Thankachan, Mr. Satyan and Mr. Baskaran. In fact, their shops having its own name .But, Rather than it’s name those shops known as Thankachante Mudivettu kada, satyantakada and baskarantea kada . Thankachan is one of the aficionados of Carl Marx and Jesus Christ. Evidently, we can see a various glossy pictures of St. Anthony, St. Mary .However , he reflect communism by subscribe the Malayalam communist news paper Deshobamani .Mostly people prefer to have hair cut on Sundays .So that we used to wait in the big queue and listen the amusing gossips