Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Story telling Portrait

My father worked as a clerk in a salt pan which was in Mallipuram and I have two brothers my elder one was an artist .We survived within the salary of my father .My elder brother’s name was Mr. George and he studied till forth standard ,myself and our younger brother Mr. Antony studied till fifth standard . My father used to procure various artistic commissioned work from the families like karikassary and thyssary these family were located in malipuram and these artist commission work done by my artist brother. He was very lazy due to his lethargic attitude he has taken at least six month to complete a small piece painting . Malipuram is a beautiful village and it is in vipen island . In order to hand out the finished piece of painting he use to go malipuram by boat and the boat driver was ottupurakal perooty valyappan .in order to get good feedback on his work my mother use to give a votive offering to the almighty god .She does it when he start journey from perumaroor to Malipuram .While coming back from Malipuram he use to bring not less than twenty rupees
Due to the financial crises of our family I could not continue my schooling instead ,I learned book binding skill .I have learned book making skill from Mr. Malayakeial Mathew’s and his binding press located near to Puthan kovilakam (new palace).I have taken four year of duration to learn book making skill . Mr. Mathew use to give one rupee in the special occasions like Christmas and Easter .While learning book binding I wish to get a job in Ernakulum Gov .press and I also made certain effort to get the job there .
Mr. Ambatt Esseramenon has refer my name to Mr. TS Narayanaiar who was the one of the gov. secretaries of cochin state . On behalf of this letter I had many visit to the office of Mr. Iyyer unfortunately I could ‘nt get any favorable response from him .
Varuthu kutty assan was One of the well-wisher of our family suggested me to drew Mr. Iyyer,s portrait it help Mr. Iyer he may get good impression on me and it also may help me to get a job in government press cochin .We have seen lot of possibility on his opinion .My brother agreed to start a portrait painting of Mr, Iyer and he could complete it within few month .While going to deliver this painting to Mr. Iyer Varuthukutty assan also accompanied with me . Mr.Iyer has seen his portrait and he did not satisfy the depiction of headdress in that portrait .However, he had a block printed portrait with him and he wish my gifted portrait presentation should also look like that .The blamed portrait created with Indian ink on paper so that it was pretty difficult me to manage correction of headdress yet I somehow managed it .Twice I amend it however, I could not satisfy his artistic requirement.