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Off-white Reminiscences

The dress code of nun and priest make a dramatic sensation .The long gown which priest wears has two big pockets which carry various tiny and pretty gifts .It either resembles Santa Claus’s red color bag or a conjurer's long mysterious magic hat. As magician creates various visual illusions, the priest meticulously takes out the tiny gifts from the large pocket and distributes them to the infants. Either the gifts may be a small rosary, a cute pretty Virgin Mary, a color pencil or a fancy paper wrapped delicious chocolate .In fact these are the metaphors of love, caring, encouragement and so on. By giving and distributing these pretty gifts, the priest encourages the infants towards artistic and creative endeavors. The infant’s creative performance dealt with various visual forms; it may be either a tabloid about John the Baptist or a choreography, which based on the melodious musings of King Solomon or a Mono act, based on the story of St. Peter. the decoration of church and execution of tabloids and choir taken care by the various nuns .The nuns who involved to excited programs in our parish were Rev.Sister Lisa Mary, Rev.Sister Preema and Rev.Sister vijaya .

Rev.Sister vijaya and Rev.Sister Bellermine were my teachers who trained me for the Holy communion.. And, Sister bellermine is no more alive to train the little kids .
The preparation of the holy communion was based on two Christian rosary prayer book . And this book also describe about the seven sacraments and the relevance. it is mandatory to by heart this book and present it to the priest/ nun who trained us .Once we done with the oral presentation to the parish priest he distribute a letter ,which is the testimony or authorized document to receive the holly communion .Usually the holly communion takes place in the month of may but the preparation began in the month of April itself .Both April and may are the period of summer vacation obviously , children show lack of interest in these so called systematic or military modal religious teaching and learning . Unfortunately, all the parents and the nuns were villain characters for children because they pressurize the innocent and beautiful minds and made qualified to have the Holy Communion .Confession is one of the fascinating phase of the Holy Communion and it seems the confession is a tool with which a person enable to swipe their sins which they had happen to commit. The declaration of sign should keep secret within the priest it is the liability of the priest. I remember we had a run through or dummy confession before the real confession with the parish cleric and this replica confession undertaken by Rev. Sister vijaya . She enact alike a priest and she told such a way that each of us going to confess to the god rather than Rev.Sister Vijaya or any other priest .She also explain such a way that the priest who pay attention to the confession is a representative of omnipotent spirit

holy communion day is remarkable because The chief altar of the church ostentatiously decorate with the fancy material like white flowers ribbons, pearl and off white translucent fabric .The congregation and procession on the occasion of First holy communion celebration is conspicuous because the kids who are in first holy communion drape with white colour costume All the Girls wear white headdress and bouquet unlike the boys wear white headdress and carry a white decorative candle .And this occasion is the Reminiscences of off-white colour