Friday, December 17, 2010

Sketching Pushcarts

A pani puri vendor‘s small business depend on a decorative four wheeler handcart and, it is a different form of bicycle .Let us see what are the different form of bicycle? For instance , an old post man carry various letters gifts and money order on his brown cycle ,A fish seller run his small business on a rusted and smelling blue bicycle .A pretty girl go to collage on her pink fairy tale bicycle. The vegetable vendor sell different vegetable on his green Hercules cycle .Likewise, a panipuri vendor also runs his small business on a decorative handcart. This peculiar cycle is an amalgam of various media such as wood iron and so on.Simple design of this four wheeler is a combination of various geometrical shape and forms .However, The crude colours carnival of basic shape and forms create a theatrical experience to the viewer .
A pani puri vender’s usually sell two different kind of snack like Panipuri and Chat .Chat is a kind of snack which made out of various ingredients and different vegetables . He prepare and serve the chat in the Left corner of vehicle and Pani puri is in the right side .Why did he do so ?Every design having a logic I would rather call it the principle of design . likewise the form of panipuri bicycle also emerge a sense of logic .Let us see the hidden logic behind the simple panipuri push cart . There are two different sect of people, either they comfortable with left hand zone or right hand zone however, majority of the people habituated with the right hand side .Since, the preparation of snack like chat is prolonging unlike ,panipuri business is quick and speedy in order to balance his business smooth he keep panipuri is in the most comfortable right zone and chat is in the left region of the cart. he meticulously arrange the food items like Samoosa, Carrot, little Poori .He also harmoniously slice vivid vegetables like bright orange coloured carrot, brown potato into various basic shapes like demon, squire, round ,rectangle and display these vivid vegetable slice in his little bicycle . the panipoori vendor meticulously group the vegetable and arrange it in layer by layer in a big flat vassal .He make a wall out of these vegetable pieces and fill the vacuum space with the mixture of boiled yellow groundnut. Magnificent display of these vegetable fragments create a multi-colored illustrative outlook
Along with the display of vivid and yummy food he also display various things like the photograph of god, goddesses, film stars and different posters
Inside his bicycle either he hangs a bunch of lemon or a small decorated ash gourd with the demon face .However ,He also keep an yellow lemon in a glass of water .he juxtapose this lemon glass with the box where he collect money. It seems these lemons attract the greedy evil eye and protect his simple business.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bangle seller

An old lady bangle seller who uses to come neighbor to my house unfortunately her face almost vanished from my memory .She always carry a glass case on her head .she made a common meeting place and time to run the business. Once she reached there so the bangle seller keep the glass case on the aramathil or elam thinna .She carry different bangles, Necklace, earring in the glass case. She scold while the little kids touch her glass case .

Sacred corner

Most of the Christian houses have a sacred corner where people install photographs of different saint , rosary, statue, Flowers, Little illumination, lambs, stickers ,and different candles .it is also a secret corner because ,this is a place where mothers camouflage the innocent eye of their little children and keep pen, pretty toys , Medicine bottle and matchbox safe.