Thursday, February 19, 2015

Eleven Minutes,An exhibition of paintings by artist Visweswara Rao .B At ICONART Gallery ,Hyderabad.

Physical or the visual layout of Hyderabad city is a substantial blend of time and space. People in Hyderabad wish to remain certain elements the way it was. For example, Hi-tech city and the  Old city  area are the two paradoxical  entity of this city and this  contradictory elements in this city  significantly reflected in visweswara Rao’s  art  work as well 
Visweswara Rao born and raised from an orthodox religious family and his mystical calculative knowledge skill  is significantly reflected in this exhibition as well . In order to complete, Mr Visweswar spent minutes and seconds and it reminds me the format of haiku stories[1] which is routed from Japanese culture.  Most of his art work predominated with the dextrous skill of drawing For example, the painting entitled Birthday party painted with water colour on paper. He coherently merged the diaphanous qualities of water colour with the natural exteriority of handmade paper however the linear decorative motives in these painting reminds his inclination towards drawings.

 Visweswer’s painterly approach is very minimal  for example the painting entitled Caged is an exterior layout of a wooden cupboard .Most of his paintings deals with the Oil impasto[2] technique in fact ,the effective usage of physicality of pigment is a narrate tool through which Mr. Visweswar distinguish  The tactile qualities  of objects in this piece of art.
 His aesthetic obsession overlaps with the wed of white and grey. Predomination of hazy grey patches and the minimal usage of linseed oil make the painting surface remain dry. The schema of colour, dry pallet and the still life imageries remain the thought process of Giorgio Morandi[3]
In his most recent paintings  Visweswar enacted like an impressionist[4] who fall in love with luminous beauty of landscape and quotidian lifestyle of Modern Europe[5]. Most of his recent paintings exploring the possibility of a work of art from his family evidently different objects such as toys ,holyday picnic  experience incarnate a new creative entity.
In this exhibition Mr. Visweswar has showcased seventy four paintings. Majority of these art works  are the juxtaposition of different  tiny squares and rectangle .In fact,  this display of art work  can be very well compared with  the maze  of  puzzle block or the different  windows which people tend to opened in a personal computer. 


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